LIABILITY – Connecting technical and legal competencies

Our LIABILITY specialists work together with our technical advisers to set out a solid foundation for all liability, cover and recovery claims.

We compile detailed specifications of all legal and contractual components, we establish the course of events and we provide an analysis of both the cause and extent of loss. We are then able to determine liability and can confirm the extent of the claim which is applicable to any specific loss incident.

Working together with solicitors, specialists in insurance law and technical experts renders us able to provide a seamless assessment service for all liability matters.

Our network of loss specialists enables us to offer, alongside our own core competencies, a comprehensive range of liability services including:

  • Technical losses
  • Product liability
  • Extended product liability insurance
  • Personal injury claims, compensation pay-outs
  • Design flaws
  • Food industry claims (both trade and gastronomy)
  • Leisure activity claims
  • Manufacturing losses
  • Building damages
  • Business interruption
  • To carry out on-site inspections and preservation of evidence
  • To compile initial reports promptly
  • To involve specialists from your required field of expertise
  • To carry out expert evaluations
  • To be au-fait with all prevailing technical standards
  • Loss analysis through component testing
  • To ascertain and include all contractual and legal stipulations
  • To translate technical assessments into corresponding legal consequences and to compare all technical performance with contractual requirements
  • To provide assessments for: Claims for damages , Warranty claims, Recovery claims
  • For support and assistance in preparing for, and attending, court proceedings
  • For losses which cross country borders
  • For complex losses outside the usual technical remit
  • Our technical and legal specialists work closely with our insurance experts under one company umbrella.
  • We draw on over 15 years of legal expertise.
  • Our multilingual adjusters and experts enable global coverage.
  • We act as interpreters to provide a seamless link between technical and legal competencies.