Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering deals with the identification, management and monitoring of risks relating to the insurance of property. In contrast to our loss specialists, whose analysis and assessment work begins once an incident of loss has occurred, our risk engineers are concerned with prevention of that loss.

Whether you require risk surveys, desktop analyses or an evaluation of the improvements necessary, TÜV AUSTRIA SCHREINER provides unbiased expertise. We use our decades of experience of loss assessments, evaluations and safety engineering to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

They say ‘we learn from our mistakes’, but TÜV AUSTRIA EXPERT SERVICES will ensure that you don’t need to. Our decades of experience with loss assessments make prevention the cure.

We provide comprehensive inspections of all industrial and commercial premises, your products and systems to assess all insurance-related risks. This includes fire safety, liability, interruptions to business, natural hazards, IT or other elements of your commercial interests.

  • International risk surveys and risk audits
  • PML, EML and expected damages assessments
  • Testing fire safety procedures, explosion protection and other documentation required for insurance purposes
  • Testing relating to breaches in obligations
  • Designing tailor-made targeted risk mitigation measures
  • Supporting insurance holders to mitigate risk and to introduce relevant follow-up measures
  • Desktop analysis and remote risk evaluation
  • Advice with specialist concerns, potentially for liability issues, valuations or claims processing

Our experience enables us to identify risks efficiently, to assess potential hazards and to develop suitable measures which we help you to implement. Our service includes:

  • A full undertaking of worldwide surveys and inspections – we arrange appointments, seek advice from relevant brokers and draw up risk reports based on our own inspections.
  • Desktop analyses and initial risk assessments for you as a complete package.
  • Support and advice for insurers and insurance holders in relation to risk mitigation measures, prevention of breaches of obligation and how to minimise losses.
  • Documentation and monitoring of recommendations – finding agreement and a coordinated response between insurance holders, brokers, risk managers and underwriters.
  • Drawing on in-house expertise or specialists within the TÜV AUSTRIA SCHREINER network to advise on specialist issues relating to liability, evaluation and losses.
  • For comprehensive international risk surveys and inspection assignments carried out by an independent and unbiased partner
  • To prevent property and environmental damage
  • For an efficient, professional and meaningful tracking of risk mitigation measures, including monitoring, professional timely advice and testing all implemented measures
  • For expertise, revision and solutions on interdisciplinary matters across risk engineering, liability, claims management and evaluations.
  • We offer the ultimate solutions package for all risk inspection and evaluation assignment.
  • An in-house team of risk engineers who bring decades of experience
  • A network of independent experts for each specialist sector
  • Access to 2000 specialists in 26 countries across the globe.
  • Engineers, legal experts and insurance experts – working seamlessly together as one team
  • Multilingual specialists