Loss and Specialist Reports

TÜV AUSTRIA EXPERT SERVICES is the leading adjusting company in Austria.

Our highly proficient team of adjusters combines expertise with organisational acumen and a proven, structured approach. This enables us to guarantee an effective, efficient and professional handling of all losses, from the clarification of facts in the most complex situations to a dynamic handling of minor and mass incidents.

TUV AUSTRIA EXPERT SERVICES provides independent, objective solutions. As loss adjusters for TÜV AUSTRIA, we can be by your side – in almost all countries across the globe – when you need us.

Your one-stop shop

Our comprehensive experience enables us to handle complex claims and to compile clear reports for all necessary sectors.

We carry out inspections across all sectors of industrial and commercial engineering:

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Piping and installation technology
  • IT & Cyber crime
  • Civil engineering
  • Transport losses
  • Complex loss incidents
  • On-site inspections and preservation of evidence
  • Implementation of immediate measures
  • Prompt compilation of initial report
  • Involvement of specialists from your required field of expertise
  • Expert evaluations
  • Research into prevailing technical standards
  • Loss analysis through component testing
  • Regular reporting
  • We use our own independent state-of-the-art laboratories to carry out testing on objects of loss.
  • You find technical system damage and require clarification of the cause and extent of loss, as well as confirmation of liability.
  • You need an assessment of the technical condition of your plant.
  • There is a dispute and you need professional, reliable experts to provide technical advice and committed support.
  • You seek objective, independent expertise in a specific field to clarify complex matters.
  • To guarantee an efficient adjustment of minor and mass losses.
  • In the instance of recourse action.
  • Experts from all industrial and commercial sectors who are available around the clock and provide prompt on-site presence.
  • Comprehensive testing in our own independent laboratories and in the largest, state-of-the-art test laboratory in Austria.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA branches in 26 countries, with over 2000 specialists and partners across the world within global adjusters’ networks.
  • Multilingual adjusters and experts to enable global coverage.