TÜV AUSTRIA EXPERT SERVICES will undertake valuations for you to establish current values of company property, industrial machinery and plants, commercial vehicles, buildings and premises. Whether you are purchasing, selling, insuring or financing, we will provide valuations as new, market value or current value valuations – globally.

  • All types of buildings (company buildings, factory halls, warehouses, residential etc)
  • Commercial and technical equipment, machinery and manufacturing plants, commercial equipment
  • Agricultural vehicles, equipment and machinery as well as commercial and specialised vehicles, specialised truck-mounted equipment, ships, cranes etc
  • IT and telecommunication systems

Our experts in machinery construction, electrical engineering, IT and construction work in accordance with international and relevant local regulatory standards. We have developed an in-house database, populated with data from thousands of evaluations covering a wide array of machinery and plant designs as well as buildings, and we use internationally accepted, publicly available assessment criteria to ascertain new, current and market value.

  • Insurance valuations after investment or purchase
  • Valuations for vendors, investors and purchasers
  • Confirmation of value when required to secure funding
  • Provision of a regular update on the insurance status of your commercial interest
  • Comprehensive valuations database
  • Highest qualified valuers and experts from a wide variety of sectors within industrial and commercial sectors
  • Multilingual valuers and valuation reports who can ensure global coverage.
  • A network of experts working alongside the TÜV AUSTRIA group who provide expertise in industrial technology and access to 2000 specialists across 26 countries around the world.