Electrical engineering & electronics

Our team of electronics and electrical engineering experts works at high voltage for you every day.

Our experts cover following areas of expertise:

  • Generation of electric power and transmission of electricity (High voltage, medium voltage, low voltage)
  • Renewable energy technology (wind power, photovoltaics)
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Process measuring and control technology
  • Industrial automation
  • Electric drive technology
  • Building automation and Central building control systems
  • Home Automation
  • Electro mobility
  • Communications engineering
  • Low voltage installation technology
  • Household appliance

Expert reports in electrical engineering:

  • Short reports about laboratory tests on defective devices in our own laboratory (i.e. damaged devices after flashlights; without site survey)
  • Expert reports for small and medium losses including site survey of our experts
  • Detailed expert reports for medium and extensive losses including all possible variations of the above mentioned possible services
    Assessment of possibilities for recourse in case of causation of losses by third parties